Main River Suck

The section of the River Suck described here extends from Donamon immediately north of Stoneham’s Lake to Mount Talbot. The river is wide, very deep and slow moving, with depths to 25 feet in places. Some sections are fast flowing and shallow. It can provide excellent coarse and Pike fishing. Roach and hybrids are the predominant species. This is a prime location for large specimen size Pike to 35lbs. The Athleague area in particular has produced some of the largest fish in Irish fresh waters. Dublin Pike Angler George Dillon recorded a Pike of 38lbs 2ozs which was verified by the Irish Specimen Fish Committee in1997, captured up river of Rookwood Bridge on a herring dead bait. Specimen Pike of 20+lbs are recorded on the river  year on year.

FACILITIES AND ACCESS: Access is from all road bridges at Castlestrange, Athleague and Rookwood and also from the minor roads between the bridges. Inland Fisheries Ireland provides footbridges on most of these stretches to facilitate anglers.

TO GET THERE: All road bridges are located on the main Athleague – Ballygar – Castlecoote roads – follow signposting and ask for local directions or get more detailed local maps from the Athleague Angling/Visitors Centre.




Fishing a bit slow on River Suck 06/09/15, however there was still a few fish to be had.
Shane Dunne 4 kilo 400 gram’s
Bill Cassidy 2 kilo 800 grams
MARK LEONARD 2 kilo 500 grams
Water still hasn’t returned to normal level