The area supports a very varied and interesting flora. In damp meadows near the river you will find yellow iris (iris pseudacorus), marsh marigold (caltha palustris), water lilies (nymphaea alba), meadow sweet (filipendula ulmaria). There is also a wide variety of grasses, sedges and rushes. In the bogland the predominant plant is ling (calluna vulgaris) and other common plants are bog cotton (eriophorum angustifolium), bilberries (vaccinium myrtillus), cranberries (v.oxycoccus) gorse (ules europaeus) and willow (salix sp.).

In the few remaining native woodlands (through these have all been modified by human contact) are to be found oak (quercus sp.), hazel (coryllus avellana), birch (betula pendula), with ground flora of bluebells (scilla non-scripta), wood sorrel (oxalis actosella), switch wort (stellaris sp.) and there is generally plenty of ivy (hedera helis). There are several old cultivated plantations (Castlekelly is a particularly good example) with many fine trees, both native and foreign. There are finally the recent commercial plantations of spruce (spicea sp.) pine (pinus so.) and larch (larix sp.).