“What’s good about the Suck Valley Way Walk experience is that you can choose the length of the walk you want to make. Sure you can spend several days doing, by consecutive stages, the whole 100-km walk, but we had time only for a part-day’s outing and so walking just the stage from Castlecoote to Athleague was ideal for us. There was nothing at all strenuous or challenging in the walk to take away any of the enjoyment and exhilaration of just walking in gentle, green countryside and absorbing the rural ambiance created both by this broad natural space of land, water and sky and by the cordial attentions of the odd curious cattle.

Stone fences and old ruins and the decorated Iron Age Castlestrange Stone were reminders of the Suck Valley’s age, while church spires and tidy dwellings, lined up at a respectful distance from the Walk’s way itself, were evidence of the area’s scattered, more contemporary small settlements. Truthfully, we’ve found ourselves beginning to describe the Suck Valley Way Walk to friends back home here in New Zealand and then, with words failing, we’ve had to end by saying: look, you’ve really got to do the Walk yourselves!”

Meg and Russell Stewart, Gisborne, New Zealand