Castles and Built Heritage


Roscommon Abbey


More than 750 years ago, Felim O Conor, King of Connacht, established the Abbey of Roscommon on the outskirts of the old town of the same name. The County Roscommon ruin has many highlights, including an effigy of a king dressed in a long robe and mantle. It is thought to be O Conor, who was buried on the grounds, or possibly one of his successors. Though the structure is usually referred to as an abbey, it’s more accurately described as a friary, as it was created for the Dominicans. It faced many difficult times during its history, including a fire in 1270 and lightening strike in 1308. Roscommon Abbey is located in Roscommon town, and is signposted off the Circular Road. Access can also be gained from the car park in The Abbey Hotel.