Map 6 Ballintober to Corbally

The Way leaves Ballintober by the main road, with good views across open countryside, but soon leaves it to drop down to a pleasant path through grassland beside a stream. The many streams and drains that you meet are of course draining these meadows which would otherwise be bogland or often flooded by the Suck. As you continue walking you will notice the stone wall around Corrastoona spring well. Such a well would be a meeting place as well as the local source of water, you contine, rising gently, through fields to the Ballintober-Ballymoe road junction. Then downhill along lanes past another spring well and through fields to the railway line from Dublin and Roscommon to Castlerea.

You go beside the railway for a kilometer or so, leave it, and recross it. Pause at this last level crossing, and look across the Suck and the Rosmoylan bog to your outward route, hardly two kilometers away, between Lough Anargid and Peters Lough (named for a hermit, Peter of the Pikes, who lived there). Out of sight unfortunately, a little further to the south in Carrownaglogh is a Mass Rock, where the Catholic Mass was celebrated clandestinely when Catholicism was proscribed in the 18th century. The Way now crosses a section of Corbally Bog, where again you can see both traditional and modern way of “winning” Turf.